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CERTUS 12th Anniversary Networking Celebration
Event Starts:
Tuesday October 27, 2015
@ 5:30pm

Event Ends:
Tuesday October 27, 2015
@ 8:30pm


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The Curtis Hotel

1405 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80202

You do not just visit at The Curtis, you experience it! From the minute you walk through their lobby doors, you will be immersed in the best pop-culture a Denver hotel can offer. You will find cartoons playing in our lobby and a Five & Dime filled with treats from the past.

Come and play at the Curtis, a DoubleTree by Hilton. They guarantee a completely humorous and modern hotel experience in downtown Denver.

We've arranged for 4 hour / $12 hotel garage parking. See details and a map to other parking options at the bottom of this page.

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Presented by:
CERTUS Professional Network

CERTUS Professional Network redefines how professionals promote and grow their business by helping others grow theirs. Focus on Giving Rather Than Getting, and you and your business will be led to amazing opportunities.

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 This event is closed.
You're invited to BUILD YOUR NETWORK with hundreds of elite Denver professionals, gathered to celebrate Colorado's thriving business community. This is a high-caliber networking opportunity, with the most well-connected professionals, leaders and change-agents in our city, who are serious about having valuable conversations to connect and partner with fellow professionals just like you. 
Enjoy complimentary hand-passed hors d'oeuvres and dessert, Street Taco Bar to purchase food, plus 2 cash bars, a DJ, professional head shot exhibit, Just ShutterUP photo booth, Giant Connect 4 and Jenga, plus additional exhibits, door prize give-aways and free scratch tickets to win a CERTUS Networking Membership ($599 value). But you've got to be there to win and collaborate with Denver's finest. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~


DIRECT FROM THE NEWSROOM!! RESERVE A TIME to be INTERVIEWED in the CERTUS Newsroom at the event to create a Promotional Video about your Company. Great for your website, social media, everywhere online! 

Reserve a Time Slot & Get Info HERE ---> http://www.enrich-media.com/certusspecial/ 

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 Who Will Be There with You:

More than 250 Denver professionals attended this event last year. It's open to all, representing a variety of businesses and the Who’s Who of Denver will attend from many industries including business & professional services & organizations, real estate & mortgage, financial services, information technology, internet services, telecommunications, graphic & web design, insurance, advertising & marketing, public relations, non-profit, medical & other health fields, sales and other training & coaching, personal / professional development, professional & inspirational speakers, authors, editors & publishers, communications and so many more. You name it... if you're seeking a specific resource or partner, someone at this event will be able to connect you. 

There are no membership, attendance and referral passing requirements to attend any CERTUS events, but CERTUS Membership has its perks. 

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image_1445869549.jpg Get a NEW, updated Head Shot $50 at the Event by 

Anne Barhyte, Photographer of Life. Learn More.

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Charity Partner - Toy Drive: 

image_1410559032.pngBring an unwrapped toy for a boy or girl, or make a monetary donation at the event, to benefit the DOLLS FOR DAUGHTERS. DOLLS FOR DAUGHTERS gave toys, books, stockings and toothbrushes to  5,000+ of Colorado's children living in poverty. All donors will receive a complimentary event pass ($25 value) to attend a future CERTUS networking event.

~ ~ ~ ~

Investment To Attend:
Standard, Premium, VIP CERTUS Members complimentary (please register with Member discount code provided)


$20 early bird advance through 10/16

$25 regular advance

$30 at the door (cash, check, credit card)

*We regret that free event passes and half-price for first-time visitors will not be accepted at the door for this special event.

~ ~ ~ ~

This event would not be possible, nor as festive, without our Sponsors & Exhibitors


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Meet our Community Partners:

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Attire - Come as you are, anything from business casual, to cocktail and everything in between. 


PARKING: We've arranged discounted self-parking (not valet) up to 4 hours in the hotel garage, $12, first come / first served parking. You'll receive a discount parking pass when you check in at our event. There's another event at the hotel the same evening so you'll want to arrive before 6pm. Street meters and area lots (see map below) also available. 



We look forward to celebrating with you, old and new friends alike.

Cheers to you and grow your business by helping others grow theirs!


Sabrina Risley
Owner / Founder
CERTUS™ Professional Network
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Guest List
Ralph Young

Luis Acosta

Rebecca Allanson

Susan Allard

Sara Almerri

Renee Ambrose

Bruce Anderson

Chris Anderson

Mary Anderson

Laura Arny

Jason Asp

Mallory Asti

Jessica Bachus

Dana Bain

Emily Bain

Mike Baltus

Haley Barclay

Anne Barhyte

Kathy Basel

Lisa Beckert

Alex Benko

Kathy Bergstraser

Joshua Berman

Christine Berry

Devin Bewley

Sabra Blacklock

Tawni Blake

Mike Boehler

Mike Boese

Loralee Broer

Marta Brooks

Tasha Brown

Kurt Brown

Oksana Brown

Heather Cameron

kevin Campbell

Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer

Dave Casdan

Alan Case

Shandie Case

Allison Castano

Rita Cauthen

Carolyn Chase

Brooke Chesnut

Chasen Chess

jill christensen

Cindy Christensen

Raymond Cobb

Kelly Collins

Rosemary Conder

Robert Cone

Alisa Conner

Bruce Corley

Christi Costello

Krystal Covington

Jacki Cox

Suzanne Crawford

Greg Crawford

alicia cuello

Matt Curry

Janelle Davis

Lisa deGraffenried

Danelle Delgado

Michael Denison

Chris Dickerson

Justin Dituri

John Dovenbarger

Patricia Drake

Shelby Dunham

Denise Eichhorn

Amy Evans

Evelyn Evers

Nate Ewert

Nancy Ewing

Tracy Fagan

Kerri Farren

Ray Fatland

katarina Fidel

Mike Filion

Susan Foppe



Sabrina Fritts

Neil Funsch

Julia Gabbert

Susan Gardella

Christine Gay

Mari Geasair

MsVicki Gesford

Geff Gilligan

Barb Gilroy

Luke Grimes

Cephora Grundman

Deborah Haber

Kate Hagerty

Brianna Hammerman

Greg Hanchin

Carolyn Rose Hart

april hartmeister

Robert Heary

Daniel Hochstetler

Dana Holliday

John Horne

Claire Ibarra

Hank Innerfeld

Lisa Isom

Paul Jacobson

Greg Jameson

Debra Jason

Colby Johnson

Ira Johnson

Shawn Jones

Kris Jordan

Kris Jordan

Clare Kelway

Amanda Kendall

Eileen Kennedy

Becky Kenny

Roy Kenny

Brenda Kerr

Satsunder Khalsa

Satsunder Khalsa

sarah Kieny

Kim Kirmmse Toth

Craig Kirscht

Carol Kolash

Sarah Koons

Adam Laarsen

Andy Laarsen

Vicki Latham

Robert Lee

Laura Leighton

Todd Lerner

Richard Leto

Nancy Littleford

Sofia Lock

John Logan

Tina Lombard

Brandon Long

Niki Lopez

Lenny Lowenstein

Mo Lukens

Stacy Mackey

Les Madson

Dan Maes

Holly Mais

Tracy Malone

Derek Manning

Bjoern Mannsfeld

Jill Marks

Michelle Martinez

Thomas Matthews

mac mckinzie

Richard Meldahl

Laura Menze

Nick Metz

Reed Meyer

Michael Migdol

Carolyn Milburn

carmen mix

Elena Montgomery

Rollin Morgan

Brad Moss

Suzanne Muller-Heinz

Dana Murphy

Kyoko Nakayama

Robert Nelson

Chris Nichols

Abigail Ogbe

Ever Olivas

Laura Olmedo

Denise Onofrey

Michael Pagnotta

Richard Palmer-Smith

Tracy Paplow

Jolene Park

Julie Perkins

Scott Perry

Ashlee Picciano

Richard poormon

Andrew Portee

Anthony Prichard

Kerry Prielipp

Diana Rarich

Arlene Recio

Lane Reinhardt

Michelle Renee

Tracy Revell

Zachary Rischitelli

Sabrina Risley

Andy Robbins

Susan Roberts Frew

Brandi Robinson

Robert Romano

Yvonne Rosnik

Brian Rowland

heather ryan

Paul Ryan

Jessica Rybka

Judy Sabah

Stan Sams

Christine Sbarra

Kathleen Scaer

Debra Schaefer

Debra Schaeffer

Shanah Schaffer

Lynn Schulte

Teri Sewell Huff

Laurie Seymour

Carlyn Shaw

John Sheflin

Lisa Shultz

nathan silver

Vanessa Simmons

Vanessa Simmons

Diana Smith

Kate Smith

Tom Sotelo

shannon spence

Mark Spitz

Allison St. John

Cynthia Stadd

Darrell Stern

Terry Stevens

Charlie Stivers

Jim Streifel

Scott Strong

TJ Sullivan

Kim Swaney

Ramell Taylor

Theresa Taylor

Megan Taylor

Phillip Thompson

Terry Tomsha

Jennifer Tracy

Melissa Triester

chuck turner

Chuck Turner

Tammy Urbach

David Urbach

Thomas Valdez

Zanzibar Vermiglio

Mia Voss

Erin Waggoner

Kyle Walbrun

Johanna Walker

Dan Walkovitz

Sherrie Walkovitz

Matthew WAller

Chad Ward

Alan Warner

Jana Warta

Robbie Weadick

karen weber

Lee Weisbard

Cheryl Wells

Kimberly West

Christina Whelan

Colin Whitenack

Julia Wiswell

Pete Wiswell

Carla Wolff

Victoria Yeary